The Bay Place Plan


The development of the Bay Place Plan has now begun, with a view to providing a shared vision and action plan that supports our local communities. This is a partnership project which seeks to unite Sandown with Lake and Shanklin, whilst recognising the distinct challenges and opportunities in each location and celebrating the unique characteristics.

Developing the plan we have the tri-consortium of Feria Urbanism, Støriie and the Place Bureau, who together presented an exciting and inspired consultancy application to representatives from the partnership councils earlier this year. The group are currently undertaking local research and horizon scanning to understand the work that has already been done on local plans and learn about ongoing projects impacting the area. They will be opening the conversation up to the whole community in July for public and stakeholder consultation work at a three-day “think space”, incorporating workshops, creative activities, and walking tours. The results of these sessions will feed directly into the development of the Bay Place Plan.

High Street Task Force

The challenges facing highstreets are now widely discussed. Sandown’s high street is no different with footfall dropping, businesses closing and derelict buildings increasing. High Street Task Forces are government initiative which take a people and place-based approach to providing solutions for the regeneration of highstreets.

Sandown’s High Street Task Force Initiative

The Task Force aims to strengthen local leadership in high streets and town centres in England though providing information, advice, training, knowledge and data.


High Streets Task Force

The High Street Report