Annual Town Meetings

General Information

What is an Annual Town Meeting?

There is often confusion between the Annual Town Meeting and the Annual General Meeting of the Town Council.

All Town Councils throughout England are required, by law, to hold an Annual Parish Meeting, which must take place between 1 March and 1 June every year.

Annual meetings cannot start before 6:00pm. Anyone may attend but only registered electors of Sandown may speak and vote during the meeting.

A town meeting can be convened by either:

(a) the chair of the Town Council, or

(b) any two town councillors for the parish, or

(c) a councillor representing the parish on the district council, or

(d) any six local government electors for the parish.

Purpose of the Annual Town Meeting.

The purpose of the meeting is so that the Town Council can explain what they have been doing over the last year. It also enables the electors to have their say on anything they consider is important to the people of the Town.

Other local organisations can also be invited to representative to speak about the work of their organisation.

All Councillors representing the Town will be invited to attend. Councillors will  have the opportunity to raise questions and make comments if they wish. However, the purpose of the meeting is to enable the ordinary electors to find out what is going on in their Town and to have their say.

Annual Town Meeting Agendas 

Usually the agendas for an Annual Town Meeting must be published 7 Clear Days in advance of the meeting. 

14 Clear days notice is required if the meeting seeks to:

  • the establishment or dissolution of a parish council, or
  • grouping of the parish with another parish or parishes under a common parish.
Annual Town Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the proceedings of a town meeting shall be drawn up and entered in a book provided for the purpose and shall be signed at the same or the next following assembly of the parish meeting.

Historical Agendas and Minutes 

2021 Agenda - Tuesday, 25 May 2021

2021 Minutes - Tuesday, 25 May 2021

2020 - Cancelled due to Covid-19 Pandemic 

2019 Agenda

2019 Minutes

2018 Agenda (March)

2018 Minutes (March)

2018 Agenda (April)

2018 Minutes (April)

2017 Agenda

2017 Minutes