Sandown Launch Convenience Consultation

Published: 27 January 2021

Town Councillors have decided to install a new block on land adjacent to the existing Eastern Gardens site, and securing the appropriate permissions will delay the project to later in the year, and Councillors also wanted to maintain the current provision during the lockdown for local residents and visitors.

Sandown Mayor Gary Young said 'This project is a significant investment, and we wish to ensure residents help shape what is proposed, and that the project links with other initiatives to benefit the Community and the local economy'.

Deputy Mayor Paul Brading added 'This is part of our plans to contribute to the improvement of the Public Realm and the Esplanade, and we hope residents take part in the consultation, which takes forward their prioritisation of Eastern Gardens, in partnership with other stakeholders'.

The survey, available at Eastern Gardens Public Convenience Options, includes questions on Showers, Refill Water Points, a Community Art Project, and links to other initiatives.

Cllr Young concluded 'The re-provision of Sandown's Public Toilets has been impacted by the Pandemic, and although this is still a factor, we wish to finalise the plans for Eastern Gardens and install the new provision over the Autumn, as it will be a major project for the Town Council'.

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