The Council

About Sandown Town Council


As a town council, Sandown Town Council is the most local level of local government and operates a tier below the Isle of Wight Council which is the unitary authority or local authority for the Island.

The council is consists of 12 elected councillors across two wards, Sandown North and Sandown South. The last election was in 2021 and it is expected the next election will take place in 2024.

Full council meets up to eight times annually with the finance and employment sub-committees meeting as required. The council works closely with the principal authority on the Island and two councilors are also members of the  Isle of Wight Council. 

The council employs a town clerk, a responsible financial officer/deputy clerk, a part-time caretaker, and a weekend litter picker.

The services we provide

Town Council Provisions 

Public toilets at St Johns, the Eastern Gardens and Yaverland (please note the toilets at Pier Street and Sandham Gardens are not Sandown Town Council facilities)

Beach safety and cleaning

Maintenance of some parts of Sandham Gardens

  • Steven Jenkins Playground
  • Sports and Multi-use games areas
  • Skate park

Flag Poles

Maintenance of Los Altos Park

The War Memorial on the Esplanade and at the Broadway Centre.

Remembrance Services in conjunction with local churches
The town Christmas tree and lights.

Grants to local causes which benefit the local community such as the Green Towns Volunteers.

The Broadway Centre (a community centre built in 2018)
For Statutory services including social care, waste, planning, council tax , environmental health and housing please contact the Isle of Wight Council.

What we must do


There are certain activities which we must do by law. These include:

  • hold an annual meeting (please note the Covid-19 bill suspended this requirement until May 2021);
  • hold at least three other meetings a year
  • Appoint such officers as necessary for the proper discharge of the councils functions including a responsible financial officer.
  • Have financial regulations to govern the supply of goods and services to the councils.

The arrangements for meetings and proceedings of local councils are set out in Part II of Schedule 12 to the Local Government Act 1972.

Local councils also have a duty to provide allotments should there be a proven local need.

More details of local council powers can be responsible can be found in the List of Parish Council Powers.

Policies and Other Documents

Local councils have polices for a number of things both because it is a duty and because it is good practice.

Sandown Town Councils standing orders, financial regulations, main policies and other documents can be found on the Documents and Policies page of the website.

Other Information

The Council Offices

Councillors and Wards

Finance and Grants

Public Enagement