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Los Altos Park

Long View of Los Altos Park, Sandown.

Los Altos park is an area to park land to the west of Sandown along the railway. The park includes a vernal pond, three large grassed areas and small wooded areas with tree canopy's.

The park can be accessed via various entrances:

Melville Street, PO36 9DH,

Simeon Path, PO36 9FE

Through the carpark at the Heights off the Broadway, PO36 9FD.

By Train:

The parks Simeon Path entrance is 0.3 miles or approximately 5 mins walk from Sandown Station.

By Bus:

The nearest bus stop is at the heights where the park can be accessed through the carpark. Routes 2, 3 and 8 serve the stop.

Route 24, serves the Beachfield Road stop which is just 5 minutes walk away.


Sandown’s Los Altos park owes its history since Victorian times to Sheffield-born banker and merchant George Wilkinson Drabble (1823-1899). Drabble made his fortune as Chairman of the London and River Plate Bank and director of six companies in Argentina and Uruguay.

The name of the family mansion he built in Sandown reflected his South American connections. Los Altos means The Heights in Spanish. The estate remained in the hands of the Drabble family until the 1950s, when Sandown-Shanklin Urban District Council acquired part of it as a public park.

The mansion and some of its gardens survive in private hands as the Broadway Park Hotel. One remnant of the Victorian structures can still be found in the public parkland, the semi-circle of steps which once led to the lower grounds and a thatched two-storey summer house, later used as dog kennels and long since demolished.

Within living memory, a stone bridge linking the house with the steps used to cross Drabble’s Path, the walkway which runs to and from the railway crossing. The bridge has now been demolished after falling into disrepair. 

(contributed by Paul Coueslant)

Sunshine Trail

The park includes part of the sunshine cycle trail, a 12 mile circular cycle route.


The Sunshine Trail Map and Information

Tree canopy at Los Altos Park, Sandown 

Sandham Grounds

Just across the road from miles of golden sands, on what was once Sandham Fort, demolished in the mid-19th century the council maintain the site which includes a skate park, a playground - the Steven Jenkins Rainbow Park, and a sports and multi-use games area.

The grounds are located at:

Culver Parade ,


Isle of Wight

PO36 8AT

By Car:

The site is served by the Fort Street Car Park, a long stay car park run by the Isle of Wight Council (PO36 8BA)

By Train:

The grounds are 0.8 miles or approximately 15 mins walk from Sandown Station.

By Bus:

The nearest bus stop is the Wight City Stop on Culver Parade at the entrance to the centre. Routes 8 and 24 serve the stop.


Public Toilets:

There are public toilets on the adjacent Sandham Gardens site.


Ice cream and soft drinks are available from the Ice Cream Shack on the adjacent Sandham Gardens site and the park is just a 5 minute walk from the town centre.

Other Information:

The site is adjacent to the Sandham Gardens attraction and Sandown Bowls Club.

Steven Jenkins Rainbow Park 

Skate Park

Skate Park, Sandham Gardens

MUGA Equipment at Sandham Grounds